Amako Clan
Amako Mon
Historical Information
Location: Chugoku
Start: 897
End: 1578
Major General(s): Amako Katsuhisa
Yamanaka Shikanosuke
Major Battle(s) Battle of Kozuki Castle
The Amako Clan was one of the major clans of the Chugoku region of western Honshu.

History Edit

The Amako were descended from a Japanese emperor in the late 9th century AD. Amago Haruhisa, one of the leading warlords of the region, fought against the Mori Clan in the 1560s, but died at the Battle of Gassantoda Castle. His successor Amago Katsuhisa continued campaigning against the Mori and fell by his own blade when Kozuki Castle was succeeded in defense by the opposing Mori army. Soon, the Toyotomi Clan conquered the Amako people and used their areas to fight the Mori under Mori Motonari.