Battle of Fushimi
Shimazu cavalry massacre the fleeing Torii infantrymen.
Conflict: War of the Toyotomi Succession
Date: 1600
Place: Fushimi Castle, Kyoto
Outcome: Shimazu victory
Shimazu Mon Shimazu Clan Tokugawa Mon Eastern Army
Shimazu Mon Shimazu Yoshihiro Torii Mon Torii Mototada
40,000 2,000
Very Few All killed
The Battle of Fushimi Castle was a minor engagement of the Toyotomi Clan's aftermath war. The Eastern Army defenders were easily overwhelmed.

Battle Edit

Shimazu Yoshihiro secretly enlisted in Tokugawa Ieyasu's Eastern Army in 1599. One year later, his forces marched out to relieve Fushimi Castle, commanded by Torii Mototada. Mototada politely refused his offer for reinforcements. This enraged the old man, who besieged the castle and defected to the Western Army. Yoshihiro and his forces cut their way into the enemy lines, and Mototada held out firm. General Sakuma Kichiro evacuated refugees down the Fushimi Road while the battle was going on. Shimazu entered the castle and set it on fire. Mototada committed ritual suicide as his forces fell apart. Kichiro did not come back to the battle, as he was fighting against soldiers attacking his evacuation proccess.