Battle of Hitotoribashi
Conflict: Campaigns of Date Masamune
Date: 1585
Place: northern Japan
Outcome: Date victory
Hatakeyama Mon Hatakeyama Clan Date Mon Date Clan
Hatakeyama Yoshitsugu Date Masamune
Hitoshi Sagetsu
30,000 7,000
All butchered or escaped few
The Battle of Hitotori-Bashi was an enagement fought to avenge Date Terumune.

Battle Edit

The Date riflemen let the Hatakeyama superior force approach before shooting them down. Then, they drew swords to go into melee with the enemy forces. Date minister Hitoshi Sagetsu joined the battle on horseback, despite the pleas of Masamune not to. Sagetsu was, however, hit in the lower left rib by a javelin and died. Masamune rode out himself to fight the enemy soldiers to avenge his friend. He rallied his forces, who charged and cut through the enemy ranks. Masamune, after killing the enemy commander, found his minister, who died in his arms.