Battle of Kozuki Castle
Conflict: Mori Campaign (1577-1579)
Date: 1578
Place: Kozuki Castle, Harima Province
Outcome: Mori victory
Mori Mon Mori Clan
Tachibana Mon Tachibana Clan
Toyotomi Mon Toyotomi Clan
Amako Mon Amako Clan
Mori Motonari
Tachibana Muneshige
Toyotomi Hideyoshi
Shikanosuke Yamanaka
Amako Katsuhisa
10,000 10,000
very few 5,000 k/w/c
The Battle of Kozuki Castle was one of the many engagements that Toyotomi Hideyoshi fought against the Mori Clan. Allied to the Tachibana Clan of Kyushu, the Mori forces prevailed.

Background Edit

Hideyoshi was dispatched with 8,000 soldiers by Oda Nobunaga to crush the Mori, who were becoming a large threat. Hideyoshi allied with the Amako Clan of Osaka Bay, boosting his men by a lot. This amounted his force to

Battle Edit

Motonari attacked out of Kozuki Castle while Hideyoshi was unprepared. He dispatched his officers to seize three of the unmanned forts to gain an advantage. When he noticed that he was rolling down the slope, Hideyoshi dispatched Kato Kiyomasa and Ishida Mitsunari to attack the enemy commander, Muneshige. Motonari prevented the two from meeting in battle and rescued the young commander from danger. Motonari counterattacked against the enemy forces by attacking the main enemy castle, held by few men. Hideyoshi decided to withdraw, needing no more uneccessary death. He was defeated before he could reach the escape point. Meanwhile, the Amako clan soldiers panicked when Amako Katsuhisa committed suicide. Shikanosuke Yamanaka stood firm and was cut down by force rather than by his own blade. Yamanaka sacrificed his life so that his men could escape death. Motonari dominated the area, keeping a firm alliance with the Tachibana.

Aftermath Edit

The Mori clan continued its conquests afterwards, and the Oda returned again with a navy. His forces included the O Ataka Bune-class warship and these were new to battle. The Mori navy won the first battle that followed the Kozuki Castle campaign, but the next battle, they were crushed.