Battle of Kururi
Osuga Mon
Tsuchiya Mon
The mons of the Osuga Clan and the Tsuchiya Clan
Conflict: Campaigns of Hojo Ujiyasu
Date: 1537
Place: Kururi Domain
Outcome: 1537: Satomi victory
1564: Hojo victory
1567: Satomi victory
1602: Tsuchiya victory
Satomi Mon Satomi Clan (1537, 1564 ,1567)
Tsuchiya Mon Tsuchiya Clan (1602)
Takeda Mon Takeda Clan (1537)
Hojo Mon Hojo Clan (1564, 1567)
Osuga Mon Osuga Clan
Varies Varies
Varies Varies
Varies Varies
The Battles of Kururi were several engagements over Kururi Castle.

Batltes Edit

1537 Edit

Satomi Yoshitaka, head of the Satomi Clan, conquered Kururi castle. Previously held by the Takeda Clan, the castle was built in 1455.

1564 Edit

The Hojo Clan conquered the castle from the Satomi clan, 27 years after its original capture. Yoshitaka, still the head of the clan, was defeated by Hojo Ujitsuna despite his alliance with the Ashikaga Clan.

1567 Edit

Satomi Yoshihiro, son of Yoshitaka, took over the castle again from the Hojo, exacting revenge.

1602 Edit

In 1590, the Osuga Clan was awarded the domain. The Tsuchiya Clan attacked, and took the area over finally. In 1679, the castle was finally decommissioned.

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