Battle of Suriagehara
Battle of Suriagehara
Masamune directs his troops
Conflict: Campaigns of Date Masamune
Date: 1589
Place: Mutsu Province
Outcome: Date victory
Date Mon Date Clan Ashina Mon Ashina Clan
Date Masamune Ashina Yoshihiro
25,000 16,000
heavy heavy
The Battle of Suriagehara was an engagement between the Date Clan and Ashina Clan.

Battle Edit

Date cavalry charged from the woods, ambushing the numerically inferior Ashina army. A large melee ensued, Masamune ordering more infantry to join the fray. Yoshihiro, who was clearly losing the battle, was refused aid by his men to aid in the attack on the Date forces. Masamune himself mounted a horse and rode into the fight. He rallied his troops, who killed an enemy commander. This stimulated the retreat of the Ashina forces for good, the clan being destroyed and Yoshihiro fleeing to the Toyotomi.