Osuga Mon
Historical Information
Location: Kazusa Province
Start:  ?
End: present
Major General(s): Osuga Tadamasa
Major Battle(s) Battle of Mikatagahara
The Osuga Clan was a vassalate of the Tokugawa Clan.

History Edit

Osuga Yasutaka was the first daimyo of the clan, serving the Tokugawa as governor of Hamamatsu Castle. When the Takeda Clan invaded Mikawa Province, Yasutaka was in charge of aiding the Tokugawa escape. His units were heavily attacked, which would not allow the Tokugawa to flee and both clans were temporarily disabled. Osuga Tadamasa was adopted into the Osuga clan in order to preserve the family line. Tadamasa succeeded Yasutaka in 1589 and was allowed to use the surname "Matsudaira" as well. The Osuga were awarded Totomi Province in 1601.

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