Sanada Mon
Historical Information
Location: Shinano Province
Start:  ?
End: 1615
Major General(s): Sanada Yukimura
Sanada Nobuyuki
Major Battle(s) Battle of Ueda Castle
Battle of Numata Castle
Siege of Osaka Castle
The Sanada Clan was one of several clans during the Sengoku Period.

History Edit

The Sanada were a proud family, led by Sanada Masayuki. Masayuki took over the Muto Clan in his younger years, and then joined the Takeda Clan. He commanded Takeda armies at the Battle of Mikatagahara and the Battle of Nagashino, but in the latter occasion the Takeda were crushed once and for all. His son, Sanada Yukimura, served in these battles as a child soldier and squire to his father. In 1585, the Tokugawa army besieged Ueda Castle, home of the Sanada. The Invincible Five, Yukimura and other warriors, defended and beat back the enemy. The Sanada soon fought alongside the Toyotomi Clan, but in 1600 fought for their legacy against the Tokugawa. In 1615, at Osaka, Yukimura died and the family collapsed.