Siege of Kakegawa
Civilians flee from Kakegawa Castle
Conflict: Campaigns of Tokugawa Ieyasu
Date: 1569
Place: Kakegawa Castle, Suruga Province
Outcome: Tokugawa victory
Asahina Mon Asahina Clan
Imagawa Mon Imagawa Clan
Tokugawa Mon Matsudaira Clan
25px Hattori Clan
Asahina Mon Asahina Yasutomo
Imagawa Mon Imagawa Ujizane
Tokugawa Mon Tokugawa Ieyasu
25px Hattori Hanzo
8,000 19,000
All killed or captured few
The Siege of Kakegawa was one of the first campaigns of Tokugawa Ieyasu.

Battle Edit

The Matsudaira Clan invaded Suruga Province to conquer the Imagawa Clan, weakened from defeat at the Battle of Okehazama. Now that its defenses were crumbling, the Imagawa sought aid from the Asahina Clan. The two clans, outnumbered, were clearly losing by the time the battle began. The Tokugawa stormed the castle, Ujizane surrendering after talks of peace in trade for the regaining of Imagawa territory in Suruga.