Torii Mon
Historical Information
Location: Shimosa Province
Start:  ?
End: present
Major General(s): Torii Mototada
Major Battle(s) Battle of Nagashino
Battle of Fushimi Castle
The Torii Clan was one of many clans of the Sengoku Jidai.


The Torii were vassals of the Tokugawa Clan. In 1575, at the Battle of Nagashino, they fought alongside their masters and the Oda Clan. Their prime connection to the Tokugawa was in Torii Mototada, who had taken up the rank of general in the Tokugawa Army. In 1600, they came under attack by the Shimazu Clan. Their estate at Fushimi Castle was burnt to the ground, and Mototada committed suicide. Though their leader was dead, the clan exists today.

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